Bad Boy Rockers Character/Series Guide

Sizzle #1 ~ Jack and Thalia

Jack Saunders, 25 (Phoenix) (Elder brother to Liam. Lead singer with Deception)

Liam Saunders, 22 (Younger brother to Jack. Been in love with Mia for years)

Thalia Roberts, 22 & Callie Riordan, 22 (Best Friends. Friends of Liam and go to the same College)

Mia Summers, 22 (Been in love with Liam for years. Engaged to Jack)

Stephanie Saunders (Mother to Jack and Liam)

Graham Saunders (Father to Jack and Liam)

Lewis Summers (Father to Mia)

Sarah Summers (Mother to Mia)

Reece Kincaid, 26 (Best Friend to Jack and Donovan. Drummer with Deception)

Donovan Fletcher, 25 (Best Friend to Jack and Reece. On the Guitar with Deception)

Ryder Stone, 30 (Former Marine, and new owner of the roadhouse near town called, Kix)

Suzie (Behind the bar at Kix, becomes manager)

Spicy #2 ~ Reece and Callie

Reece Kincaid (Has his head screwed on backwards over Callie)

Callie Riordan (Had her heart broken by Reece and wants to give him a second chance but he keeps screwing up)

Dahlia, 23 (A close friend of Reece, or more?)

Cindy Kincaid (Reece’s mom)

Reece’s sisters (Jessie, 14; Robin, 15; Mara, 18; Sarah, 20; Amanda, 22)

Sultry #3 ~ Donovan and Mara

Donovan Fletcher, 26 (Been in love with Mara, Reece’s sister, for a couple of years)

Mara Kincaid, 18 (Reece’s middle sister. Goes after who she wants, which is Donovan)

Characters repeat from previous books.

Savor #4 ~ Ryder and Dahlia

Ryder Stone, 32 (Brother to Jace. Owner of Kix with a lot of baggage. In love with Dahlia)

Dahlia, 25 (Has always been a loner, but starts to let Ryder in.)

Jace Stone, 35 (Brother to Ryder)

Ellen Stone (Mother to Ryder and Jace)

Ian Stone (Father to Ryder and Jace)

Savannah Devereux (School Teacher)

Max (Friend of Dahlia’s – will get his own book in Renovation of the Heart)

Brittany (Married to Ryder)

Evan (Brittany’s brother)

Mia & Liam have a baby boy at the end of Savor (Joshua Harry Saunders)

Sinful #5 ~ Jace and Savannah

Jace Stone, 36 (Brother of Ryder. Consultant with the Sheriff’s station. Softball Coach. In love with Savannah)

Savannah, 25 (Teacher. In love with Jace)

Richard (Sheriff’s Deputy. Engaged to Savannah)

Ryder Stone (Brother to Jace. Married to Dahlia)

Dahlia Stone (Married to Ryder)

Faith Stone, few weeks old (Daughter to Ryder and Dahlia Stone)

Ellen Stone (Mother to Ryder and Jace)

Ian Stone (Father to Ryder and Jace)

Detective Ned Devereux (Savannah’s Uncle and only family)

Karen (Counselor at the children’s home, Golden Circle)

Tammy (Four year old child at Golden Circle)

Charlie (Catcher) (Six year old child at Golden Circle)