A whispered plea transcends time.

When Esmé Rogers meets 102-year-old Luke Carlisle in 1987, she never expected to end up on board the Titanic for its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in 1912. But what started with confusion and questions turns into the greatest love of her life with a then twenty-seven year old, Luke Carlisle.

Meanwhile, back in 1987, Luke’s great-granddaughter and Esmé’s friend try to discover where Esmé vanished to. With unexpected help from Luke’s son, they’re shown a photograph taken on board the Titanic of Luke and Esmé…looking very much in love.

 As the date of the ill-fated sinking of the ocean liner approaches, Esmé questions whether or not she should try and change history. However, one question keeps coming back to haunt her: Why is she there?

With frigid waters and a predestined collision on the horizon, there is only one choice to make, but is it the right one?

Rona Jameson is the contemporary romance side of Lexi Buchanan.

Available March 2018

Cover Design: Robin Harper, Wicked by Design


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