De La Fuente Character/Series Guide

De La Fuente Family home is outside, Great Falls, Montana 

The Family

Emiliano De La Fuente ~ Married  ~ Francesca McKenzie (she was the sister to Elias McKenzie the father of the McKenzie Brothers)

Dante, 41; A priest in a small town, not far from Denver, Colorado for about six years. Was in Cherished and Entice (The McKenzie Series)

Eric, 37; Former Marine. Been around briefly in Entice and Cherished (The McKenzie Series)

Aiden, 35; Formular One driver and spends most of his time in Europe

Mateo, 32; Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys

Kasey, 30; Right Winger for the New York Rangers

Francesca McKenzie died around 27/28 years ago.

Emiliano De La Fuente ~ Married ~ Lucia Cameron

Diego, 27; New York Firefighter and twin brother to Emelia

Emelia, 27; Erotic Author (writes as Scarlett) – This is her secret. Her family think she is a freelance editor. She has an English Degree.

Love in Montana #1 ~ Eric and Sylvia

Chapter one takes place around the third week in July before Chapter six, of Cherished, book 5 of the McKenzie Brothers Series (you do not have to have read Cherished or the McKenzie series to enjoy this new series).

Book 1 finishes at Christmas.

Love in Purgatory #2 ~ Dante and Emelia

Starts at Christmas, were book 1 finishes.

To be updated.