Kenza nightclub owner, Ruben McKenzie can have any woman he wants, but the only woman he wants is Rosie—his sweet innocent employee, who happens to be eleven years his junior. Watching her parade her hot little body around his club, serving drinks completely unaware of the attention she attracts is driving him to distraction. But when he sees a regular getting close to her, all bets are off. 

Rosie has had more than enough life experience, but when it comes to matters of the heart—the one place that Ruben wants in—she’s completely innocent. Having no family of her own, it’s a dream to be invited to a McKenzie family gathering. Rosie always wanted to belong to a family like the McKenzie’s, but she’s afraid that if she gives her heart to Ruben and things don’t workout she’ll be crushed, beyond repair. 

Neither one of them may be able to keep their distance for long. The trouble that has been brewing at Kenza finally comes to a head, and when Rosie finds herself caught up in the middle, how far will Ruben go to protect her?



All I wanted was to enjoy the day, but for some reason ‘Little Miss. Know-It-All’ is driving me crazy. Let me rephrase that. She’s driving me crazier than usual, and I damn well blame Michael. It was, of course, Lily’s idea for the waitresses to wear pink uniforms and the waiters, pale blue shirts with black pants, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to blame my gorgeous sister-in-law. I blame my brother, a much easier target. But my frustration wasn’t completely because of him. It was because of a sexy little waitress, Rosie, who looks hot as fucking hell in pink with her dark hair and curvy body.

In fact, she’s been driving me crazy since Simon, my club manager at Kenza, hired her about nine months ago. Just before Michael and Lily’s wedding.

Her looks are amazing but that wasn’t what drew me to her originally. It was her sassy mouth and the fact that she doesn’t give a damn who she uses it on, which has gotten her into trouble a few times at Kenza. Keith, head of security, has had to intervene several times.

And now, not five minutes ago from me asking her to help Jayne refill the empty platters, she’s disappearing toward the barn.

Fuck a brick!

Turning to go after her, I collide with Lily’s friend, Sabrina. “Sorry babe, are you okay?” I reach out to steady her.

“I’m fine.” She laughs. “I’m sorry too. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“I don’t mind. It’s not every day I get a beautiful woman falling into my arms.” I wink at her.

And she is beautiful, which my brother Lucien has noticed. I hope he sees us right now, and gets jealous because he needs a good kick up the ass or something to go after her. He’s been looking at her often enough. If you want my opinion, he’s an idiot and needs to get over his hang-up from the accident before someone else snaps her up.

I turn back to the woman in front of me who rolls her eyes, which makes me roar with laughter, setting her off.

“I’ll see you later…Romeo.”

I grin as I watch her retreat before turning back to go and find Rosie.


He’s an ass. Nine months of ‘Rosie do this’ or ‘Rosie do that.’ Argh! Yes, he’s the big boss and I’m the ‘little slave,’ but fuck, he really has been on my case since I started working at the club.

I love my job at Kenza. Well most days I do, especially when Ruben stays out of the way, but recently every time I turn around he’s there, glaring at me. He probably wishes he had an excuse to fire me, but as of yet, I’ve managed to keep my temper in check and have done what he asks. Honestly, I’m not sure how much longer I can work for him. Every horrid comment from him causes a sharp pain in my chest and recently I’ve even arrived home with tears in my eyes. As soon as the doors close behind me, I give in to them and collapse into a sobbing heap.

Why does he affect me this much? Well, you see, over the past nine months I’ve slowly fallen in love with him and it hurts so damn much because it’s clear that he can’t stand me. Over time, he’s made that very clear.

He’s handsome in a rough kind of way with his dark hair falling over his chocolate colored eyes all the time. He ended up with a crooked nose because of his love of boxing and then you have his muscular body. All solid.

I’ve seen him once without his shirt when he’d been working out back at the club, and I’d drooled. Oh, yes he reminded me of these tattooed male models all over Facebook with one hell of a ‘V’ leading into his jeans. My eyes had followed that ‘V,’ along with the dark tattoo inked there, down until both disappeared into his jeans. My mouth salivated at the thought of licking his tattoo. He’d caught me drooling, of course, and had spent the remainder of the evening being an ass.

“Ugh.” Turning to head back before I’m missed, I freeze; the object of my bad mood is standing behind me blocking the exit. How long he’s been standing there is anyone’s guess.

“What do you want?”

His eyes narrow at the challenge in my tone. “I’m your boss, Rosie. Or have you forgotten?”

“How could I forget with the constant stream of orders that come out of your mouth?” I feel like stamping my foot, which I refrain from, but I stand with my hands on my hips.

“Any more sass from you and you can find a new job because I’ve had enough,” he growls at me, moving closer.

My heart thumps in my chest. Does he want to get rid of me? Does he really hate me?

I swallow the lump in my throat, but I’m afraid of opening my mouth because my tears are so close to the surface. Not only is the man I’ve fallen for being hateful, but also there are things going on at his club that I don’t think he knows anything about, which all goes back to Simon. The stress of it all is finally getting to me.

Taking a deep breath for courage, I answer, “I’ve never been fired before,” I swallow a few times, “so I…I quit.”

Before he can reply, I turn and take a few steps toward where the cars are parked, but I don’t get very far before he grabs hold of my arm and spins me to face him.

“You. Are. Not. Quitting.”

A tear slips from my eye, which his gaze follows as it slides down my cheek to my mouth.

“Rosie,” he groans.

His lips meet mine seconds before his tongue pushes for access to my mouth, which I give in on a sigh. He tastes of coffee and mints. I break his hold on my arms and slide my hands into his hair, holding him to me as I start to take a more active role in this unexpected kiss, which has my toes curling and my pussy wet and throbbing.

Ruben takes hold of my hips, pulling me in flush against him. I can feel his erection grinding in to me. Then it suddenly hits me what I’m doing. Making out with the boss!

I push him away, breaking free of his embrace. Wiping his kiss from my lips, I stammer, “No. We can’t.” Turning, I flee to the car lot with tears running down my face, not having a clue what I’m going to do now. Can I really stay at Kenza? Shit! I just told him I quit.

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