Eighteen-year-old Mason wants his hands on his new teacher, no matter the rules.

New teacher, Bianca, craves the touch of one of her students, no matter how forbidden.

Isn’t forbidden fruit the most exciting?

Find out just how exciting in this novella from New York Times and USA Today’s bestselling author, Lexi Buchanan.

Chapter One


I’m a coward; hiding in my office with my vanilla latte as though I’ve broken the neighbors window with a baseball just like I did when I was in high school. Except back then it was my father’s office and a Dr. Pepper, but today it has more to do with one of my students, Mason James.

If someone had told me in college that I’d be nervous about standing in front of a class full of students because I was attracted to one of them, I’d have laughed in their face. But now, I’d have to hang my head in shame. The truth is that from the first moment I laid eyes on him five months ago he’s been in my constant thoughts. And it’s so wrong. I’m his teacher. I’m twenty-four and he’s nineteen in three months—I checked. It’s not as though I don’t have a boyfriend because I do. Tim is everything I should look for in a man, but no matter how hard I try to get Mason out of my head, he pops back in at the most inconvenient of times.

He isn’t immune to me either. I’ve seen the hot looks he throws my way and, to be honest, at first I had trouble deciding whether or not he was doing it for a bet with his friend, because he so openly stared at me. But five months later the looks are still there except they’re guarded now especially around the other students.

We’ve had plenty of conversations and interactions, not just during class, but over the lunch break amongst the other students and last month at the school dance. God, when I think back to that night I feel the heat creeping into my face. I danced with him!

It had been a bad idea, but when he asked, and with other students dancing with the teachers, how could I refuse? He held me close to his body while we danced unable to move our gazes from the other. As soon as the music ended, his fingers slid down my back and over my bottom in a light caress as he pulled me slightly against his hardened length. My stomach dropped at the emotions running through me. Lust, need, excitement, panic; I clung to the latter and ran.

Since that night I’ve tried to avoid any situation that might leave us alone together, because I’m frightened of what will happen if we are.

He is buried so deep in my head that he pisses me off as well. Not that he knows, and I barely admit it to myself, but sometimes when I’m having sex with Tim, it’s Mason who I imagine touching me, tasting me…and yes, when I imagine Mason, my orgasm is a hell of a lot more powerful than it ever is with Tim, which makes me feel guilty. So this is why I get pissed at Mason, because a part of me is angry at myself and an even larger part is filled with guilt.

The bell announcing that its time for morning class tries to burst my eardrums, which makes me jump up sloshing latte over the bottom of my skirt. “Fuck.” Yeah, I cuss. Not as much as I did when I was back home with my brothers around, but I consider it my way of letting out my frustration. It sure as hell isn’t going to solve my soggy problem though or fix my skirt. “Dammit. Just my luck.”

Tossing the now empty cup into the trash, I make my way over to the open doorway and look out into the class. Of course, the first thing I notice is that Mason isn’t in his seat yet. I shake my head to focus and then tell my class, “Start reading from where we left off yesterday, and for those who can’t remember, you want page fifty-six. I’ll be with you in five minutes, but I can hear everything from my office.” I look around to make sure my words have registered, and leaving the door ajar so I can hear them, I quickly dash around my desk so I’m out of view, to remove my thigh highs.

I suppose I should be grateful that I sloshed the drink at the bottom of my skirt instead of my lap. Being in wet panties all day isn’t something I’d enjoy—well not getting them wet that way.

With a quick glance toward my door, I hitch my skirt up to my thong so I can slip my hands into the top of the thigh high to slide it down my leg, which I do quickly, tossing it into the trash before going and slipping my hands into the other as I can’t exactly keep one on—that would look ridiculous.


I freeze and squeeze my eyes shut tightly. This can’t be happening. The only part of me that moves is my head as it whips toward the door, my gaze coming to rest on him—Mason. His gaze burns into mine briefly before dropping to the apex of my thighs. Licking his lips, he takes a deep breath and asks, “Miss. Daniels, can you explain something to me before class?”

Unable to look away, I see the lust clear as day in his eyes as he moves closer to me and around the desk. He drops to his knees in front of me, which is when I realize I’m still uncovered, but my arms don’t seem to want to work.

“I’ll help,” he whispers.

What the fuck is wrong with me? He’s my student, but…oh God, his hands feel amazing on my skin as he slides my remaining thigh high down my leg and lets it drop to the floor. His hands travel back up my legs, caressing my thighs and palming my naked bottom. Without moving his hands, Mason moves in closer and puts his nose against my pussy and inhales.

My legs quiver, and my nipples harden into tight buds as he flexes his hands against the naked skin of my butt. My heart thumps in my chest.

“You smell better than I imagined,” he says against my skin before dipping his tongue into the top of my thong.

Oh God! What are we doing? What am I doing? I try to back away from him, but I can’t move with his hands trapping me against him. “Let go,” I hiss.

His eyes meet mine in shock as though he doesn’t know how he ended up on the floor at my feet with his face in my pussy. Standing, he makes sure every inch of his body rubs against mine. I bite my lip when I feel the evidence of his arousal against my hip.

“I need a minute,” he breathes into my ear at the same time as caressing over my ass before he pushes my skirt back down.

Being practically wrapped around him is making me all kinds of hot, and all it will take is one touch on my clit and I’ll probably come. That’s how aroused he has me.

Reaching out to steady myself, he pulls me closer as my fingers slide against his chest. I cling to him for mere seconds, a part of me enjoying the feel of him beneath my hands, before managing to push myself away, putting the desk between us.

Trying to breathe through the lust I feel, I brave a look at him. My gorgeous student has never looked so sexy. He’s taller than me with a rock hard body, and one part is harder than the rest of him right now. I quickly look up and meet his dazzling green eyes before my own are drawn back to the most defined part of him.

“Stop,” he hisses, clenching his fists as he turns his back to me.

This is insane. I’m the teacher. Oh God! I need to stop this and make sure nothing happens again.

Mason’s muscles slide under his shirt with his heavy breathing sending a coil of heat through me again. This is really bad. I can’t even look at him without being worked up. But I can’t stop watching him—he’s beautiful. A sculptured god is what he is. His dark hair is all mused, as usual, which makes him look soft, sexy, and ready to take you to bed.

Clamping my lips together, I catch the moan before it slips out. Shaking myself out of the sexual haze I’ve been in, I ask, “Are you happy with your assignment, Mason?”

Mason turns his head to look at me before his delicious body follows as he walks toward me like a panther stalking his pray.

“No,” he whispers, and then adds in a normal voice, “Yes, I might need some help with another point when I get further along.”

What is he doing?

He holds my gaze as I agree, “That’s fine. You know where to find me.”

I can hardly refuse when the class is probably listening or trying too, wondering why he’s in here. It feels like we’ve been locked together in lust for hours when not ten minutes have passed.

Before I follow him into the classroom, I grab a bottle of water from my purse and drink half of it down. I resist the urge to splash it on my face and hope the tepid water will cool my body, because my cheeks feel flush, and the throb between my legs is driving me crazy.

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