Lucien McKenzie, has lived a solitary life for the past six years after suffering badly in a car fire. He shut everyone out, but his family. Now Lily’s friend is throwing his emotions all over the place and messing with his head, and not only that, but she’s the only woman to bring his libido back to life.

Sabrina feels like she’s on a roller coaster ride with Lucien. One minute he can’t stay away, and the next, he’s pushing her away.

Can a man who’s hurting and hides his true self from the world keep the love of a good woman? Or will he push her too far so she walks away from him for good?



Letting the whiskey slowly work its magic, I watch the woman dancing with someone else as the burn numbs me from the inside out. The woman who is never far from my thoughts, her body being enveloped by the man making me wish the whiskey worked faster. That someone should be me. That someone would have been me, but things changed six years ago.

That was years before she’d stepped off a plane from London, came home, and started spending her time with Lily. At first, I thought my preoccupation with her was because of my lack of female company since the fire—after all, it had been years since I’d been with a woman. But it wasn’t that—my hang up with her is getting beyond a joke. Gritting my teeth, I nod for the glass to be filled. I don’t want or need a woman in my life. I can’t have a woman in my life—least of all her.

It isn’t that I don’t have material things to offer because I do. It’s the physical aspects of a relationship that I haven’t been able to offer anyone in years. Or at least I thought I couldn’t offer the physical aspect…until Sabrina showed up, and now my libido has woken up but only when Sabrina is around.

My body hums and it isn’t because of the whiskey, it’s because of her and the way her hips move as the guy holds her tight against him—it’s driving me crazy. Knocking back my fourth drink, I tear my eyes from her for a moment to scan the room. This wouldn’t be so hard if Sebastian and Carla showed up with Ruben and Rosie, at least then I’d have some distraction. Some conversation to still the thoughts running through my head.

Where are they? I’m starting to think that perhaps getting Sabrina and myself here on our own was the plan all along. I wouldn’t put it past the women to get together and plan this.

Even Ramon showed up with his new-cropped hair, and stayed about thirty minutes before disappearing with Sylvia. I wish he’d make his mind up about what or whom he wants.

I should have left when he did instead of sitting here—punishing myself with visions of Sabrina writhing around with someone else.

My hand tightens around the glass as the guy slides his hands onto Sabrina’s bottom, pulling her tightly against him. I can see her stiffen before she glares in my direction. Distaste clear in her frown, but she lets the guy continue to knead her ass.

Holding her glare, fire ignites through me and my pants start to feel too small. If she weren’t arousing me so fuckin’ much, I’d laugh. My first full-fledged erection in years is in Ruben’s club, Kenza, and the woman to cause it is in someone else’s arms.

The question is what should I do about it? She can’t be a quick fuck, being a family friend and all. Something tells me I should be running in the opposite direction because I don’t think once, twice, or a thousand fucks is going to get her out of my system. Right now, as I watch her leave the dance floor and head toward the restrooms, I need her. I need her so fucking much that if I don’t get inside her soon I’m going to come inside my pants right here. Nearly six years is a long time to go without an orgasm.

I don’t have the strength to walk away from her anymore, not now—not when my body has chosen her…


Escaping to the restroom, I slip into the largest stall and close the door—locking me away from the world outside. Tears burn my eyes and I hold the sob until I hear the room empty out. I need complete privacy so no one can witness my total melt down.

When I agreed to come here tonight, I sure as hell didn’t expect to be stood up by my girlfriends, let alone being left with brooding Lucien. This is the same guy I ache and hurt for. The same guy who can never say a nice word to me. The same guy who’s been giving me smoldering looks the entire time I was dancing with Derek…Dave…um, something beginning with D anyway.

Tears slip from my eyes, a strange mixture of lust and pain—mirroring all the feelings I have for Lucien. There was no doubt that I felt lust for the man. He is a handsome man who is charming—to everyone else but me. He has a loving and caring attitude toward his family, but my feelings aren’t just about the way he looks. Some part of me wants to erase the pain that is so clear in his eyes. My heart aches for everything Lucien thinks he’s lost because of what happened to him.

Lily told me how lonely she thinks he is. He refuses to have female company, despite how his family has tried to set him up. He has a will of steel and refuses to bend on the matter. I’ve suspected, for some time, that he has cut himself off because of what happened to him. That maybe he might have some injury to his groin area. But maybe I’m wrong. Surely if that was the case, he wouldn’t be looking at me with heat in his eyes and his fists clenched tight around his glass. He wouldn’t be looking as though he was trying to keep himself grounded at the bar—away from me.

Leaning against the wall, I rest my hand between my breasts and inhale deeply, willing myself to calm as I feel my chest rising and falling with each breath. All I need to do is pull myself together—forget the passion in his eyes, forget the way my body and heart reacted to him. Even now, despite being tied up in knots, I can feel the trail his gaze had burned into me.

How can such a scorching look have me this aroused? Moving my hand to my right breast, I silently moan when I come into contact with my aroused nipple. Shards of pleasure ripple down between my legs.

As my hand starts to lift my short skirt to get to my panties, there’s a thump on the door.

I jump and straightening up, I listen…

Another thump. “Sabrina, open up.”


Without care or thought, I quickly open the door, my mouth twisting around a surprised “O” as the hottest guy I’ve ever seen comes barreling toward me. He wraps me in his arms, his touch demanding as he seals his lips to mine. Somewhere in my befuddled brain I hear a door slam a second before a lock slips into place.

“Sabrina,” Lucien groans, running his mouth along my jaw and neck. “I need you,” he says, his voice thick with lust.


I’m sick of pretending. I want the real man.

Lucien turns and pins me against the door with his hips. His arousal thick and long against me.

My tank top flies through the air, followed quickly by my bra.

He growls before ducking his head toward my breasts. I jolt against him as he feasts on each breast in turn—the throbbing between my legs starting to grow with intensity.

“Oh God, Lucien,” I moan, threading my fingers through his hair, holding him to me.

His hands reach beneath my skirt, and then I feel my panties rip. His fingers slip inside me.

I’m a hot quivering mess in his arms, and from the shake in his, I’d say he’s the same.

“Help me,” he begs as he tries to undo his zipper.

Removing one hand from his hair, I reach down and manage to open the denim. I’m unable to resist as I reach inside and bare his throbbing cock, rubbing my thumb over the weeping head. One side feels slightly rougher than the other—burned maybe?

“Enough.” He knocks my hand away and aligning himself up, enters me in one powerful thrust. “Jesus,” he cusses. “It’s been years.”

My eyes widen in shock. Opening my mouth to question him, he seals our lips together, and we both let our bodies do the talking for us.

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