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The Club in Karim, Texas—members only, strictly for BDSM pleasures. On the last Friday of each month, members are allowed to bring one guest…

Emma Miller’s boss is revolting. If it wasn’t for her five-year-old sister, she’d have told him where to shove his sexual harassment a long time ago. Now, he’s given her an ultimatum: she accompanies him to his ‘club’ tonight or she doesn’t turn up for work on Monday. There is no choice; her job is the only source of income for her and Chloe.

Jason Maverick wonders how the hell he ended up with a security job at one of the most sought-after private clubs in Texas. He’s what The Club calls a ‘Suit’: he blends in to the background when needed…and watches. Tonight, though, is the end. He’s just biding his time so that he can hand in his notice at the end of the shift, until he spots her—a young woman who looks so out of place it makes him uncomfortable.

He hovers and watches, a shadow no longer. He’s sure he’s the only one who can show Emma what pleasure can be obtained with someone who knows a woman’s body…and how to make it sing…

***CONTENT WARNING: This book is intended for audiences 18+ and contain adult themes, including bondage, spanking and sexual situations*** 

Chapter One

Maverick was exhausted as he weaved and danced around the bag in front of him. The punches he kept throwing made hard thumping sounds that filled the room. He felt his body move without thought and his muscles groaned as he threw another round of strikes…one, two, three…jab, jab, cross, uppercut…repeat. He wanted to be so worn-out that his body and mind were exhausted and he could sleep without being plagued by his loneliness.

At thirty-eight, he had no one. He had a couple of close friends, all of them were married with children, and they considered him family, but who did he have to wake up to every morning—no one.

He was emotionally tired. So very tired. He wanted that one person to come home to everyday. He wanted that same person to snuggle down beside him every night and wake in his arms in the morning. In the past, he didn’t think it would be anything that he’d want, partially because he loved his own space, but recently he’d started to crave the companionship. It was so out of character for him that, at first, he’d been running scared. Now, he couldn’t get the idea out of his head.

His fist sliced through the air, connecting with the bag with a shuddering smack that sent it reeling around in its moorings. His gloved hand slid around the heavy bag to steady it before his body collapsed in exhaustion against it. He drew in deep breaths to slow his racing heart as he breathed in the scent of the leather. His arms felt as though they were weighed down with lead. He was slick with sweat and even his balls were coated as sweat ran down his groin. Grabbing a towel, he ran it over his face to wipe the sweat from his eyes so he could see his way to the lockers before his legs finally gave way and he ended up as a heap on the floor.

The workout tonight had been hard and fast. He was no lightweight, but he’d pushed himself beyond what he’d done before and he was tired…so damn tired.

He was ready to move on. He’d been ready for a month now, but something had held him here in Karim, Texas.

One of his friends had asked him when he was going to Montana because that was Maverick’s dream. Good parents on a small ranch in rural Montana had raised him, and although the ranch was no longer in his family, he’d always intended on going back to settle down.

The fact that he was single, and always had been, meant that he had minimal expenses, so he’d saved a good chunk of his wages over the past twenty years giving him a large savings account for when he was ready.

Unfortunately, whenever he thought about making that final move, his gut would tell him to hold off. It was as though it knew something was about to happen. But what?

Karim was an up and coming town now that new developments had sprung up and renovations had been done to the older buildings. They were using the French Quarter of New Orleans during its prime as a picture of what they wanted for the town’s future. He couldn’t complain because he had to admit that he loved walking through the older part of town, which had been completed some time ago. It gave him peace. Then why was he so unsettled?

Because he was lonely.

He was a sorry ass.

He needed to be more approachable. But it was hard and had been for many years—ever since he’d gotten the ugly looking scar that practically covered one side of his face. He’d been on a mission with his unit that had gone badly. The jagged-edged knife used on him made a mess of his cheek. He hated it. He was still self-conscious about it. Though, sometimes he did use it to his advantage, especially when he was pissed and needed his word followed. But he had a habit of turning away when a beautiful woman tried to talk to him, unless he was really in the mood for a good fuck, then he could charm the panties off a nun.

Perhaps he needed to get laid, and that was why he felt so unsettled. It had been a hell of a long time since he’d been between the thighs of a woman.

He stepped out of the showers, wrapped a towel around his waist and shook his head. His heart didn’t want a one-night stand. He wanted something more permanent.

Drying himself off, he dressed in slacks, button down and blazer. The deep red tie he fastened around his neck felt like a noose. He hated ties. And if he was truthful, he’d started to get tired of his job at The Club. It paid well, and the bosses were damn good to their employees and their members, but there again, he felt something was missing.

Some of the guys he worked with carried around a permanent erection while they were on shift. One of the bar staff even admitted that he dashed home every night and woke his wife up to burn off the energy from work.

Working in an exclusive BDSM club may not be ideal for everyone, but he’d served twelve years in the Marines so he was used to controlling his body’s reaction to certain situations. At The Club however, he hadn’t even tried to control himself and still didn’t react the way a lot of the guys did while working their shifts.

Perhaps there was something wrong with him.

He chuckled to himself as he dropped his ass to the bench and leaned over to fasten his shoes. There wasn’t anything wrong with him, his dick worked just fine when he rubbed one off. That had been awhile as well.

He sighed deeply. His shift at The Club started in an hour and he knew that tonight would be his last. He’d lose money for not working out his notice, but he’d had enough.

Regardless of his gut telling him to stay, he was going to hand in his notice at the end of his shift that night. Within a few days, he’d be in Montana.

He’d held off on following his dream, but no more. He wanted a different life and he was about to get one.

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