Bad Boy Rockers Novella

As the twenty-fifth slowly approaches so does an unexpected snowfall, shutting down the roads and stranding everyone within the walls of Kix.

Without electricity and heat, the guys need to act quickly and get creative to keep their ladies warm.

Catch up with the couples of the Bad Boy Rockers series in this special holiday collection filled with sexy shenanigans, sweet moments, and surprise newcomers.

Merry Christmas
From the
Bad Boy Rockers

Cover Design ~ Robin Harper, Wicked by Design

Chapter One ~ Jack and Thalia


Jack slept on while I snuck into the girls’ room to check on our four-year-old, Leigh, and our one-year-old, Winter. At some point during the night Leigh had gotten out of bed and climbed into the crib with her sister. They both look so cozy that I don’t have the heart to move them, plus if I’m honest, I really want them to sleep a bit longer so I can wake my husband up in style. It has been so long since we’ve had a morning without Leigh climbing into bed with us.

The excitement I feel at the naughty things I have planned makes my whole body throb with arousal for the man. I return to our bedroom, closing the door behind me.

Jack is lying on his back with most of the covers kicked off. Just the sight of him makes my heart pound in my chest, and it always has. From the moment I laid eyes on him he’s been mine.

Smiling, I drop my nightshirt to the floor and move toward the foot of the bed without taking my gaze from my handsome husband. There’s not an inch of fat on his beautifully toned body and tall frame.

Reaching out, my fingers tickle up from his feet, along his legs, and slow when I get to his thighs. I glance up at his face and see he continues to sleep, but I doubt he will for much longer.

Gently pushing his legs apart, I crawl between them and bend to kiss the inside of his thigh. His leg twitches at the contact. My eyes snap up to his but he still looks asleep. I keep my eyes on his face and kiss his other thigh, a bit closer to his hardening cock, his eyes snap open and meet mine at that point.

“Babe,” he groans as I let my fingers tickle his balls through his briefs. “Kids?”

“Both asleep in the crib. I locked our door.”

I crawl up his body and rest my hands at either side of his head, straddling his stomach. His hands grasp my hips and slowly massage into my bottom. “Shove your shorts down,” I whisper into his ear. “I want to play some.”

Jack groans and raises his hips off the bed to get the material down his legs before he kicks them off. He settles me back down on his aroused flesh.

Sitting above him, I hold my long hair on the top of my head and gently undulate over his length and watch as he catches his breath. His hands reach up and cup my breasts. His thumbs rub the hard peaks of my nipples as he arches up.

So wet between my thighs, he slides back and forth just right. My sex clenches, needing him inside, but my intention is to drive my husband crazy with my mouth first.

Conscious of the time, I dip my head and lick and nibble at his nipples in turn. He growls and grows impossibly harder between my thighs. I slide further down his body, touching and caressing his flesh, until I end up on my knees between his thighs. His cock has a life of its own and pulses and throbs with my eyes on it.

I slowly swirl my tongue around the bulging head, making sure I lick up all the pre-cum from the tip. Unable to get enough of him, I lick him down to his balls and take one into my mouth, massaging it with my tongue, then give the other the same treatment. By the time I’ve finished and lick up the underside of his dick, Jack is quivering beneath me.

It’s powerful having the effect that I do on him. He’s close to finishing, but that is going to happen once he’s inside of me. I love getting him off with my mouth, but right now, I want to be selfish, I need him to put out the fire in my own body.

“My turn.” Before I can catch my breath he has me flipped to my back and the head of his cock at the entrance to my sex. “You ready for me, baby?”

“Yes.” I bite his lobe, and hiss, “Always,” as he slowly enters me.

“You’re so wet,” he groans. “Every time I enter you, it’s like the first time, but familiar at the same time.” Jack grins, his forehead dips to mine as he meets my gaze. “You know what I mean?”

“Yes. I feel the same and after being together for nearly seven years, you still make my heart pound with just one look.”

“Hmm,” he mumbles as I wrap my legs around his waist, allowing him to sink deeper to near balls deep. “I need to move.”

“I know, but stay like this.” I smile and tug his head down so that our lips meet. He gives me a ghost of a kiss before he wraps me up in his arms so we stay chest-to-chest.

With the way we are wrapped together he knows I want him to make love to me slow and steady, instead of the fast and hot that we usually have to do because of the girls needing our attention.

Jack starts to move, and the feel of him sliding along my walls to the entrance of my sex before slowly gliding back inside of me makes my core clench around his hard flesh.

“Thalia,” he groans, his breathing heavy. “Let me touch you.”

“You already are.”

“I mean—”

“I know. You touch my clit and I’ll come. I don’t want to yet. You feel too good.”

“Fuck.” Jack seals his lips over mine and the minute our tongues slide together, I feel the tension in our bodies coil tighter.

He trails kisses down my jaw and neck before altering his position slightly so that he can suck a nipple into his mouth. He grounds up into me, rubbing his pelvis against my sensitive bud, and that’s all it takes.

Bright lights and fireworks explode behind my vision as my core pulses and ripples around the length of his cock. He thickens seconds before I feel his warm release spreading throughout me.

His body quivers in my arms and I give him a satisfied smile when he turns his head to meet my gaze. “It only gets better,” he whispers against my lips before he gives me a sweet, ‘I love you’ kiss. We both freeze seconds later when we catch the sound of little feet running toward our bedroom.

Thank goodness I locked the door.


Leigh tries to open our bedroom door as I pat my gorgeous wife on the rump and shove her into the bathroom to shower in peace—something that she only gets on the weekends when I’m not working.

I quickly pull my briefs back on and tug on a pair of gym shorts so that I’m decent to greet our daughter. I used to hate wearing anything to bed, but now I’m used to the briefs and they’re easy to get off to pleasure my wife.

I’d only worn them since Leigh discovered how to get out of her bed and climb into ours. Thalia also started wearing nightshirts at that point.

And as I unlock the bedroom door and find our beautiful, dark haired daughter looking up at me with her Elsa doll in one of her small hands, it was all worth it—every single adjustment that we’ve had to make since before her arrival—she was worth everything.

I scoop her up into my arms and feel my heart quiver with the love I feel for her as her arms go around my neck. She lays her head on my chest and mumbles, “Love Daddy.”

“Daddy loves you too, munchkin.” I fight back tears as I walk down the hallway to where she shares a bedroom with her sister, Winter.

I feel blessed everyday to have a wife I can’t live without and two beautiful daughters. They are my world and I know it with every breath that I take. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell Thalia what she means to me.

Our daughter Winter is the spitting image of her mother and as she holds her hands out to me from her crib, I place Leigh on the floor. “Go and play with your Frozen playset while I get Winter up and change her diaper, okay?”

“Kay.” Leigh pads off to the corner where Thalia has set up her playset so that it can stay out instead of constantly having to be put away.

Seeing Leigh happy for the time being, I turn back to the baby of the family and hold my hands out to her. I do this daily because I love watching the excitement on her face when she realizes I’m going to get her out of the crib. She doesn’t let me down this time as she shouts unintelligible mumble jumble while I lift her into my arms.

I nuzzle into her neck and tickle her with silly kisses all over her face, causing a lot of baby giggles. Leigh gives up on playing and comes to watch me change Winter’s soggy diaper. Leigh loves to help and Thalia has it down right with her, but me, not so much. I can do a diaper as well as anyone, but when I have small hands helping…let’s just say it’s easier without the help, and leave it at that.

After blowing lots of raspberries on both of my daughters’ bellies, I carry them down to the kitchen, where Thalia already has oatmeal with apple cooking on the stove.

The kitchen smells like Christmas so I’m guessing Thalia has added cinnamon to the oatmeal.

With Winter fastened in to her highchair and Leigh seated at the table, I walk toward my wife, wrapping my arms around her waist as I nuzzle into her neck.

“You two are like newlyweds.”

Before turning to face our expected visitor, I whisper in my wife’s ear, “I loved this morning.” I kiss her on the lips and quickly step away before I end up sporting a boner for all to see.

I drop my weight into a chair between the girls and pass them both the warm milk that is already waiting for them on the table before finally turning my attention to Robin.

“Wait until you meet a guy you can’t live without.” I point at Robin. “Then we’ll see how long your honeymoon lasts.”

“Ha, you’re funny…not!” Robin drawls and meets my gaze. “I need a favor.”

“No,” I reply.

“What do you mean, no?” She glares. “You don’t even know what it is yet.”

“When you’re at my house asking me for a favor it usually has something to do with me talking your brother down from the ledge.” I raise a brow and wait.

“Reece is impossible,” Robin sighs dramatically.

Thalia chuckles and places breakfast in front of me. She adds some cold milk to Leigh and Winter’s before she gives Leigh her bowl. “Here, please feed Winter for me,” she asks, and passes the bowl to Robin. “Do you want some of this?”

“I’m good. Thanks anyway. Mom made me eat before I left.”

Now it’s my turn to chuckle. “Feeling a bit overwhelmed being back home, huh?”

“You could say that.” Robin grumbles.

“Okay, I’m curious. What’s going on that you need me to talk to your brother for you?” I shovel some oatmeal in, and add for my wife, “This is really good, babe, with the cinnamon.” I pat my lap.

Thalia sits on my knee and I wrap an arm around her. “You were saying?” I prompt Robin.

“I hadn’t started yet.”

We eat in silence for a few minutes, and then Robin says, “I have a job, providing Reece is okay with it. The thing is, I don’t think he’ll be okay with me working there, but I really want this. It’s only until the New Year, but he’s going to go nuts when he finds out.”

“Who would offer a job providing your brother is okay with it…Ryder?”

“Ryder?” Thalia says with me.

“Yeah. He said he doesn’t want to have an argument with Reece, so if he’s okay with it then I have the job.”

“Hmm.” I chuckle because Reece is over protective of his sisters, and to have Robin working behind the bar at Kix won’t go down too well.

Robin is the second youngest of the Kincaid siblings, and has just turned twenty-one. Her younger sister, by a year, Jessie, is also home from school, but thank God isn’t yet old enough to work at Ryder and Dahlia’s place. It’s not that easy for Reece to keep track of the oldest two sisters, Sarah and Amanda, because they work away from here. The middle sister, Mara, is married to another of my best friends, Donovan.

Sighing, I agree, “I’ll talk to him.”

“Oh my God, really?” Robin jumps out of her chair and hugs me. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’m sure I can think of something in return,” I admit. “Maybe a night of babysitting.”

“I can do that,” Robin laughs. “I owe you big time.”

“He’ll have to agree first,” I add. “Although I don’t see why he wouldn’t. It’s only for a few weeks, right? And Ryder is going to be around to keep an eye on the place over the holidays this year.”

“Exactly, plus you guys are going to be there practicing for the charity concert, right? So what could go wrong?” Robin grins.

Thalia laughs. “Famous last words.”

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