Bad Boy Rockers #5

Jace Stone’s life has been spiraling out of control since he was shot in the line of duty five years before.

When his old Captain suggests he tutor a second grade class on the softball field as a favor to his niece—their teacher—he thinks, why not? Life can’t get any worse. What he doesn’t expect is the niece to be a hot, little redhead with curls all the way to her round bottom. She quickly works her way into his dreams, teasing his senses and leaving him hot, hard, and craving a taste of her sexy red lips  . . .

Savannah Devereux is relieved when her Uncle Ned finds a softball coach to teach her class, but she never expected to be faced with a six-foot mountain of a man who looks like he just climbed out of bed. His heated glances cause her female parts to sit up and take notice, but it’s his sexy five o’clock shadow and sinful mouth that keep her tossing and turning at night.

The more time they spend together, the more the heat ignites between them. But with his demons to battle and her engagement to someone else, someone is going to get burned.

A man who’s been through hell and a teacher who belongs to another, come together on the softball field, but soon find their lessons extend beyond the field.

​Model – BT Urruela
Photographer – Eric Battershell
Cover Designer – Wicked by Design

Chapter One ~ Jace

“Hmm.” My body hums with desire as Savannah slowly makes her way south. Her pebbled nipples drag across my chest and stomach as she moves lower.

Settled between my thighs, her breath teases the tip of my fully engorged cock while the silken strands of her curly, red hair fall like a curtain around her beautiful face. The soft strands tickle my lower belly, groin and thighs with every movement she makes.

Grabbing another pillow, I shove it behind my head to get a better view of her leaning over me. My dick surges with arousal when my eyes fix on her curvy ass sticking up in the air while she’s on her knees…and I feel the first lick of her tongue as she swirls it around the bulging head. Her moan of pleasure surrounds me as my fists tighten around the sheet I’ve been clutching since she decided to move lower.

Her warm, wet mouth starts to slowly take me inside. My eyes close with the pleasure I’m fighting at being surrounded by her warmth…and then…a buzzing sound intrudes…it won’t fucking stop…

My eyes snap open.

What the fuck!

I grab my cell from the side table and stop the alarm before dropping it to the bed.

Looking around my bedroom, I realize I’m alone.

Another fucking dream.

If only the raging hard-on that I have going on was a dream. The throb is real. The pre-cum coating my stomach is real. Savannah being here with me was the dream.

Resting back on the bed with my fists still clutching the sheet, I try to get my breathing under control and focus on everything but the dream so my dick deflates.

It’s been so fucking long since I’ve had a woman that my body has started to conjure one up in my dreams, seeping out into wakefulness.


I hate my conscience right now because it’s the truth. I am a liar.

I’ve been obsessed with Savannah Devereux since the day we met. Her petite, curvy body had me taking a second look, while her young, innocent face captivated me. The sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheekbones draws my attention every time I see her and makes me want to hold her still while I taste every freckle. They remind me of cinnamon sugar shimmering on a plate. Her plump lips, with their natural pink tint are made for kissing, although I’ll admit I’ve imagined them on another part of my body more than once—this morning being one of those times. I’ve also lost count of how many times my hands have twitched to reach out to caress her curves.


Thinking about Savannah isn’t helping the discomfort in my groin. No matter how many times I’ve been tempted to self-pleasure with Savannah in my thoughts, I haven’t. Nothing could ever compare to the woman herself.

Which is why my last date—what was her name again…Robyn—didn’t go so well. She’d expected more when I dropped her back at her house, but what she’d gotten was a simple peck on the cheek.

My infatuation has to stop. I’m thirty-six. I’m not eighteen with a body full of raging hormones. Well, maybe I do have the hormones, but fuck, anyone with twenty-twenty vision would have an obsession with Savannah.

My brows pull into a tight line at the thought. She’s mine to obsess over, not some other bastard’s.

But she is someone else’s.

That thought doesn’t sit well with me. Since I discovered that she was engaged, I’ve tried to divert my thoughts, but I can’t after seeing who she’s engaged to. Her reaction to him sets off alarms in my head.

He looks possessive where Savannah looks unhappy. She always seems relieved to be away from him whenever he’s dropped her off at the field.

Whenever I mention him she changes the subject, so I eventually took the hint and now keep quiet about that part of her life. It’s like a ball of fire in the gut knowing she has a man in her life—a man who makes love to her—a man whose hands touch my woman.

“Fuck,” I roar, swinging my legs over the side of the bed.

I need to fucking stop. I’ve tried to over the past twelve months, but I find that I can’t and it’s only getting worse.

At first, I tried to tell myself it was the lack of female company that had me obsessing over her. Being alone for over five years put these thoughts in my head, but in the end, I realized it’s a lot more.

When she’s caught off guard, the heat in her eyes that she directs toward me causes a weakness in my legs. Once or twice I’ve even stumbled on my prosthesis when her eyes have been on me.

Savannah makes me crave the things that I gave up on when I lost my lower leg in the line of duty. For years after my life as I’d known it ceased to exist. I was in a very dark place—one that I wouldn’t have wanted any woman to see, or my family for that matter. In the end, it was my brother, Ryder, who realized I needed a lot more help than what I was getting. Because of him, I stopped wanting to give up on life and started wanting to live again. It wasn’t long after that when my parents got on my ass about my shit. They were tired of watching me giving up, and with the help of them and my brother, we carved out the life I have today—a life I never expected to have after everything happened.

It’s only since I started coaching softball for Savannah’s class that I’ve started to feel as though I’m healing. I have a feeling that some of that has to do with Savannah. Her smiles can bring me out of the gloom that comes across me unexpectedly. Her soft voice when she speaks to me, alone, is like a caress over my skin, which causes me to want so much more.

I’ve been missing Savannah like crazy since the kids have been out of school for the summer. I want the kids to come back from their break so Savannah and I can start coaching a new class. Part of it is because I want to see her, but I also miss working with the kids.

When the coaching first started and I met Savannah, I kept telling myself she wouldn’t be interested in me because I wasn’t whole. But that’s bullshit. I am whole, and I know what I want. I just need to work out a way to get her.

The buzzing from my cell distracts me from thoughts of the woman who rarely leaves my mind.

Palming the annoying thing, I read the text from my captain, Savannah’s uncle—Captain Ned Devereux, at the sheriff’s department. It’s because of him and our long friendship that I’m working for the department. I’ve known Ned for fifteen years, and started at his department fresh out of the academy. Once I’d gotten my life back on track, he’d fought to get me a job, which is why I’m now a part-time consultant for the department as well as an instructor over at the academy. It’s more paper shuffling and research than anything, but I still feel useful. I grimace at the text as I wonder why Ned wants me to see him at the department before I go to my own office at the academy.

Quickly shooting him a message to let him know that I’ll be in shortly, I climb off the bed and start getting ready for the day as Savannah plays heavily on my mind.


Watching Richard pull out of the drive, my whole body sags in relief. The tension leaves as quickly as it overtook me, I feel drained…cold and unsure of myself…of us, I guess.

He hasn’t changed, but I have.

Richard appeared when I was at a low point in my life with the death of my father, fourteen-months after my mother passed away. I’d needed support, which I’d been getting from my Uncle Ned, but I’d needed more and that’s what I’d gotten from Richard. He would always be around, never more than a phone call away, and he was always ready to fill the hole that was growing larger with my grief. The sex hadn’t been mind blowing, and more times than I care to admit, had left me hanging and frustrated. He hadn’t cared as long as he got off. I didn’t care because, for a few minutes, I could forget that hole that was gnawing at me. He didn’t fill it, but I didn’t need it to be filled.

And then, before I realized it, I was in a relationship with Richard. We’d gone from casual lovers to being a couple and I still didn’t fight it even though my heart wasn’t in it.

Before the dust could settle, Richard had put a ring on my finger. He hadn’t asked and I accepted it without even saying ‘yes’. I found it was easier to just go along with him at the time. Now, I wish I hadn’t been so lost in my grief to allow him to take advantage of the situation because my answer would have been no.

There is no love between us, at least on my part. Sometimes I wonder about his feelings for me. He’s possessive whenever we go anywhere together. He always keeps me close and throws everyone who dares to look in my direction a glare that means business.

Since the ring was put on my finger, Richard hasn’t touched me sexually and, although I’m relieved he hasn’t tried, I’m surprised. His explanation when he first stopped inviting me to stay over was that he wanted to wait until we were married. I accepted this but as time has gone on, I’m not sure I believe him.

If I need to talk, or if something around the house needs fixing, then he’s always here. The sad thing is that I don’t feel anything other than friendship toward him. It also begs the question about what I’m going to do. I can’t stay engaged to a man I don’t love—a man I don’t want to share my life with in that way—but I don’t want to hurt him either.

With a heavy sigh, I pour another mug of coffee and sneak another warm cookie from the rack before I curl into my favorite chair in the living room.

Later today, I’ll be visiting the children’s home and want to take them some homemade treats. I’ve been volunteering at the home for about two years to give me something to do with my spare time, especially in the summer. I love all the kids I work with but I have my favorite children, one of whom is a pixie of a child named Tammy, who is four. She’s a sweet little girl, and when she sees me, her eyes always light up, even though her face doesn’t show any emotion. She always has her thumb in her mouth while she clutches a bunny the officer who’d brought her in had given her. Tammy makes me want to wrap her up in my arms and take her home with me.

Which brings my mind back to Jace. I say back because he’s always on my mind, which isn’t always convenient. I’ve been missing him since the softball lessons stopped while summer vacation is happening. Unfortunately, not a day has gone by where I haven’t wondered what he’s up to, or who he’s up to it with. My heart thuds in my chest when I imagine him with another woman because I want him to be with me.

Sad, I know.

His six-foot, muscular frame towers over me and it always causes ripples of desire to start in my belly when he greets me at the field. He makes me feel as though he needs a connection to me just like I do to him. When we are together, all it takes is his smile and then I’m transfixed and forget everything but him. He always has a trimmed scruff covering his lower face, which draws my attention to his red lips. He works out, making no secret of the fact, and his body drives me to distraction…even when he isn’t with me, as I think about the hard plains I can see through his shirt. He has a bulging upper body and I’ve spent plenty a night dreaming, imagining those thick arms wrapped around me. He has a mighty fine ass as well, which I know he’s caught me looking at a time or two…or three.

In the beginning, I’d felt that he was self-conscious with me because of his prosthesis. He’d eventually settled after a few lessons, but sometimes a darkness seemed to hang over him and all I wanted to do was wrap him up in my arms, kiss his brow, and tell him everything would be okay. Of course I didn’t do that, but the urge to do so was strong.

Although Uncle Ned had been the one to fix me up with Jace as the softball coach for my class, he refuses to tell me how Jace was injured. I know it was in the line of duty, but my uncle refuses to be more specific. He’s known Jace for a long time, which begs the question as to why we’ve never met before. Our age difference could have something to do with that, and the more I think about it, the more that reason seems plausible. I would have been around ten when their friendship started, so maybe we have met. Although, I’m sure I would have remembered that smile.

Needing to catch a glimpse of Jace, I’m going to bake a cake and take it into my uncle’s office before I head over to the children’s home. It’s risky, considering that Richard starts his new job at the same station today as a deputy.

With a bit of luck, Richard will be out on patrol when I arrive, so I’ll get to talk to my uncle alone and maybe discover Jace’s whereabouts.

The more I think about Jace, the more I realize that’s what I’m going to do, no matter how it will look. I just need to see him, and maybe, ask Jace for coffee. I only hope the opportunity arises.

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