You are cordially invited

to witness the marriage between

Michael McKenzie


Lily Redmond

1st August

McKenzie Ranch

Lexington, Kentucky

Chapter One

Seconds away from coming, Michael gripped her hips as she rocked back and forth. Despite the knots of pleasure turning his muscles hard, he couldn’t stop his legs from buckling slightly – he had no idea how the hell his Harley was still holding them upright.

Lily moaned in pleasure as his cock bounced within her as she sat astride him; his cock buried deep in her sex. Her peaked nipples rubbed against his chest as she rode him. His hands squeezing her rump as he helped her move on him, taking him even deeper with each shift of her hips.

“Hold my hips,” Lily demanded before leaning back over the handlebars.

Her sex tightened with her changed position, but it gave Michael free access to her beautiful body.

“Play with your nipples,” Michael commanded, his eyes smoldering with desire as his fingers dug into her hips, pinning her on his cock.

Lily slid her hands up slowly, her lips caught between her teeth, her eyes burning brightly under her thick lashes. A gasp escaped her kiss-bruised mouth as she began to massage and pinch her rosy nipples like he’d asked.

The tightening of her sex mirrored each flick of her fingers and Michael felt his orgasm building. Leaning forward, he buried his head into her chest, thrusting into her with abandon. Lily’s nails bit into his back, scoring his skin as his cock thrust in and out; his orgasm building to heights he never imagined. Stiffening, Michael groaned, “Come for me Lily,” and was rewarded with spasms that sucked at his cock. His spine went alight with tingles, his balls pulled up…

Michael jerked awake as his cock jerked, shooting semen over his stomach. Grabbing his dick to finish his orgasm, he slowly brought his breathing under control.

Fuck. He swore silently to himself as he looked around the empty bedroom. That didn’t count. No way was he going to admit anything to Lily. He’d promised her he wouldn’t jerk off, but he had no control over that dream. Or if he did, it was because he was so damn frustrated with Lily’s ‘no sex for the week before the wedding’ rule. Fuck. What Lily doesn’t know won’t hurt her right?

With his heart still pounding after his morning wake up call, Michael slipped from the bed and made his way to the bathroom. He didn’t bother looking into the mirror as he stepped into the shower to get cleaned up. Today was the day and his nerves thrummed in anticipation. Lily was finally going to become his wife. And it hadn’t come soon enough. Caressing his still alert flesh, Michael smiled at the thought of his bride. Even without the last tortuous week, he’d been looking forward to their wedding for the past month. He couldn’t wait to finally slip his wedding ring on Lily’s finger.

While Lily, his mom, and even Lucien had been planning the wedding; he’d tried to take more of an active roll in the arrangements, but for some reason the majority of suggestions he made sounded stupid. He would have been okay with a quick trip to Vegas, which he’d had the good sense of keeping to himself. While he might have been able to convince Lily to elope, he knew his mother would have taken his skin at the suggestion.

Stepping out of the shower, Michael dried himself off then wrapped a towel around his waist before walking back into the bedroom only to come face-to-face with Lucien.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Making sure you don’t get cold feet,” Lucien replied, grinning as he reclined in the oversized, blue chair by the window.

“Ha! You wish.”

Lucien’s silent gaze bore into his back and Michael tried to shrug it off. It wasn’t like his brother to be so quiet. Turning toward him, Michael winced at the serious look on Lucien’s face. “What?” Michael asked.

“I don’t wish…” Lucien ran his hands through his hair as Michael stayed silent knowing his brother had more to say.

“Yes, I love Lily. Like a sister. You know that.”

Michael grinned. “Lucien, lighten up. I know that okay. I admit that in the beginning I found your relationship with Lily… odd, but I was only winding you up.” Sighing, Michael turned back to the closet and said, “Now that’s sorted, get the fuck out of here so I can get dressed in peace.”

Without moving from his position by the window, Lucien glanced out through the curtains then back to Michael.

Lucien sighed again. “I’m staying in here to keep you grounded. Besides, if I step foot out there Mom is going to have me showing all the single women around. It get’s tiring. I wish she’d leave me alone. I can find a woman on my own, if I wanted one,” he finished under his breath.

Michael chuckled as he pulled his shorts on. He followed them with his jeans while he thought about what his brother said. Lucien didn’t seem to be interested in finding any woman, and he hadn’t been interested for a very long while.

“Knock, knock,” Ruben said cheerfully as he walked into the bedroom looking just as relieved to have the door shut behind him as Lucien had.

“What the fuck is wrong with everyone today? It’s like Grand Central,” Michael complained while pulling a t-shirt on.

The wedding wasn’t for a few hours so he’d planned on escaping for a while on one of the horses, but that didn’t look like it was going to happen now.

“Mom has it in her head that her four remaining sons need a wife. Do you want me to go on?” Ruben grumbled throwing himself on the bed.

Michael smirked. “No. I think I get the picture.”

Try as he might, he couldn’t wipe the grin from his face. Little did they know that Lily was on the look out for some more female company for them. Part of the reason was that she didn’t like being outnumbered when they visited the ranch. The other part was that she wanted his brothers to be as happy as they were. Both facts were pieces of information he was going to keep to himself.

“I thought you had a date for the wedding?” Michael asked shoving his feet into his loafers.

Shaking his head, Ruben replied, “Bad idea. You bring a woman to a wedding with your family; they start to get the wrong idea. We’re all flying solo apart from Ramon, hence why Mom keeps trying to get us to agree to help seat the guests. Mainly the single female ones.”

Michael took the seat across from Lucien on the sofa wondering why his brother had been quiet.

“Mom, doesn’t know when to quit,” Lucien stated.

Lucien seemed to be about to say something else when the bedroom door opened again. The three brothers stiffened before collapsing in relief – it was only Ramon.

“Moms five minutes away,” he said, his back up against the door.

Michael snickered, standing up, he moved Ramon away from the door, reached to open it, but before he could someone knocked on it.

Looking at his brothers had Michael’s lips twitching because his brothers looked ready to jump through the window. They all knew that knock – Mom.

“You’re all being ridiculous, and you have, Carla. So what is your problem?” Michael asked Ramon.

She knocked again.

Sighing Michael pulled the door open and met his mom’s pissed expression.

“Are you hiding three of your brothers in here?” she asked pushing her way in, finding Lucien, Ruben and Ramon sneaking into the bathroom; comical really.

“Well really. How old are you boys, hiding from your poor ol’ mama? Stop being stupid and go out there to help your father.”

“Yes ma’am,” Ruben said hiding his laughter as he kissed his Mom on her cheek and left the room, followed by Lucien and Ramon in the same manner.

“Your breakfast will be ready in five minutes,” she said as she slipped out the door behind his brothers

With the door closed, and finally on his own again he thought about Lily and hoped she was okay.

Occasionally in the mornings she felt nauseous with the pregnancy so he’d always get out of bed first to run down to the kitchen where he would pour her a small glass of Canada dry ginger ale and take her some crackers, which she would nibble on until she started to feel better. They seemed to be working so far.

Michael wasn’t supposed to see Lily on their wedding day until she was walking toward him in all her wedding finery, or so tradition told him, but nothing was said about texting each other and he needed to know that Lily was all right.

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